The Raising Series

The Raising Series

This series has been designed to be very laid back in a cozy environment. We use the time to ‘pick’ the brains of those who have successfully raised and are raising children to be well adapted and contributing members of the community. In drawing on the experience of those who have gone before we can avoid pitfalls, gain insider knowledge, and learn helpful skills in dealing with each stage of our children’s’ lives. Boys and Girls are in some ways very different to each other and both present unique opportunities for parents to learn and grow with our children.

Variations of this course to cater for all relationships:

  • Dads Raising Boys
  • Dads Raising Girls
  • Mums Raising Boys
  • Mums Raising Girls



  • Butler
  • Carramar
  • Quinss Rocks
  • Yanchep

Please contact the office for dates and times.